HAAS Coloured /grey set 4 brushes
HAAS Coloured /grey set 4 brushes

HAAS Coloured /grey set 4 brushes

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For the grey or coloured horse 

  • Specifically designed for grey and coloured coats
  • 4 brush set
  • HAAS branding

The HAAS Grey/Coloured Pack is specifically designed for grey or coloured horses coats. The four brush set combines to produce a brillent glossy finish.

HAAS Schimmel brush - A special mixture of strong coconut fibres is great for stubborn stain removal on grey or white horses.

HAAS Lippizaner brush - A wooden backed mixed horse hair brush with shot bristles for gentle cleaning and longer bristles dust removal.

HAAS Coat Gloss brush (Fellglanzburste) - A light, soft, thickly woven horse hair for a brush which is excellent for sensitive horses and sensitive areas.

HAAS Diva Exklusiv brush - A lambswool centre with a soft horse bristle border for an brillent finishing brush, that gives a lovely gloss shine.